Ultimate Circle Of Fifths App Reviews

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Please make one for guitar

Good app but I misread when it said for all instruments I assumed this meant guitar. While the theory and progressions apply to all instruments the app is specifically for keyboards. Would be great (for me) if this was modified for guitar with chords and scales with diagrams. But well done and easy on the eyes. Not too much theory just enough


I don’t write reviews

Great tool to develop melody

Great app😀 Only wish I could somehow sing a melody above the recorded progression but also have that record in the app simultaneously. It could be a great foundation for melodic development and ultimately lyrics!! It would also be great if you could get more rows of progressions too. I realize that you can repeat the rows of progressions, but even two more rows and you would have the ability to fully compose a song with a bridge/intro/outro. Now it’s kind of just verse chorus. Now that would be 5 star! Nonetheless fantastic app for the sake of theory! Thanks for all the hard work!!

Thank you

Thank you so much

Keys sounding crackle like

This app was amazing until the recent update I’m assuming? Now when a note is played it plays along with a crackle sound as if the speaker on my phone were to be going out. However this is not the case. Music plays through my phone speakers just fine. This app is the only issue.

Awesome app!

Really enjoy this app plus all the different modes. One small suggestion is to make a way to rename the midi files.

666th Review

Only leaving a review to make the number of reviews 666. Great app though

Fun and super helpful for writing songs!

Great little app, very helpful for composing and actually hearing chord progressions back for those who don't have relative and perfect pitch. The only thing is that I would love for more customizations of the chords, namely inversions (even in combination with four note chords) and different rhythms that aren't 4/4. Right now, the root of the chord is always on the bottom. Inversions add a different color to the chord and are very widely used in songs and compositions. Some chords in the context of a certain progression just aren't the same sound without inversions. As for rhythms, it would be helpful for more control over how many bars a progression is and how many beats are in a bar. Right now, it's always 4 beats to a bar. Either 4 or 8 bars. I don't think adding different time signatures would be incredibly difficult nor adding custom length of bars any amount between (2-8). Also, adding chord changes within a bar would be awesome. That would add more complexity, sure, but the app for have so much value for making fully realized chord progressions for a song or composition. Other than those things, a solid app with lots of potential for improvement. I'm sure the inversions and rhythms features can be included in a future update.

One of the best music iOS apps ever made

Title says it all. Absolutely stunning development and layout of a crucial aspect of music theory. Brilliant.


needs the following: ability to save progressions so they can be worked on later more progressions and proper names of them

No sound

Paid for the app, I cannot make the sound work at all. Somewhat needed for this kind of app

Good job!

Incredible app everything I have always looked for I understand chords I understand scales but I can get into the melodies I want this app allowed me to take my idea and put it forward into my music with little hassle quick easy and fun. I would add the if you guys could turn this into a plug-in for DAWs like Ableton or fl studio so then we can use directly in the program. Don’t get me wrong though that midi feature is flawless. I just want to use it in my DAW directly that would be cool. Thanks for this app makes a huge difference in my life.

Dope but definitely would like more

Would like more scales :)

A priceless tool for the modern day songwriter

I study music and perform for a living as well as write my own music on the side. This is a wonderful tool that allows a visual learner like myself to see a chord progression and hear it at the same time. Instead of plinking chords for a half hour trying to find a groove, I can mess around with this for a bit until I find something I like and then bring it over to the piano. This app saved a ton of time for me and I am so glad I purchased it. This is an essential tool for me these days. I would highly recommend!

Love this app + feature request

This is my go-to app to find chord progressions and help with scales. Being able to AirDrop the chords straight from my phone into my DAW is amazing (and it works great with Logic). The only feature I would like is in the scales. I would like it to highlight all the note in the scale on the “keyboard”, without pressing the notes for it to play one by one. I can’t read sheet music well, so seeing all the notes written out that way doesn’t help me. Other than I love this app, keep up the great work!

Fantastic tool that takes away the pen and paper

The circle of fifths is a fantastic tool period. I memorized it and drew it out for years but now I don’t have to do that if I ever need to look at it and utilize it. Not only that but this app will play scales and progressions giving instant feedback for ideas. I love it and use it all the time. Wish I had it sooner.


This app is one of the best investments I’ve made this year just knowing that I have this in my pocket it’s mind blowing. Now I am really able to work on musical ideas and inspirations.

This app is really useful

I honestly think I’ve written the best chord progression I’ve ever made with the help of this app. I love that you can write is more experimental scales, like harmonic minor. There are a few things that I would love to see in this app that would change my review to 5-Star: -Change how many chords are in a chord progression. I really want to work with 32 chords. You can only do 4 and 8 now. -Add a seventh on to a single chord without having to make all of them sevenths. You can currently only do this with some of the scales, I believe. -Save chord progression to the app. -Change which octave a chord is being played in. I really want to be able to use this app on the go whenever I’m bored and not sitting beside a piano or my PC. I think these things would really help the app become more useful.

Great tool

This is a very useful tool, just wish it was more guitar focused.

Super app!

Just used this in conjunction with GarageBand to make some grooves and songs for the last day ! Music App of the Year!!! Kudos will recommend to other starving musicians and artist and basement bands !!!

This app it’s perfect

I just got it and I love it. The think I knows its the you guys dint put guitar sounds in to it but I’m pretty sure you guys working on it all ready it’s just more then perfect

I’m a little disappointed.

I’m not sure if it’s because of my phone or my earjack but the feedback sound, sounds super staticky for me. I really like how there’s different functions on this app and would love to continue using it but I’m not sure with the sound quality that the app is giving me.

Cool but shallow

Nice interface but doesn’t run very deep. Being able to borrow chords is pretty clutch as well as come up with something other than a standard 4 bar progression. An option to invert the chords and borrow chords from other modes would make it way more solid. Also, the internal audio engine sounds like it’s clipping/sample of the piano sound very crappy.

Not bad

I think its pretty cool but I really wish there were secondary dominants

Great App period

I’ve been around a long time. Not only is this the most complete and useful Circle of Fifths tool that I’ve seen in book, or application format, it’s just a great app all around. It introduces user interface paradigms that should become part of iOS and the Mac, and that’s saying a lot. Steve would be proud.

Please fix this

The look is really good, the functionality is superb, but FIX the freaking sound issue already!!! EVERYTIME I try to use this app there’s crackling noise, sometimes the distortion turns this app not useful at all. I tried the fix button in the troubleshooting section and 5 seconds later, the noise and distortion came back. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, FIX THIS! I so want to like this app!

Great app, beautiful interface.

I’m super happy with the app. It could use some better sounding sounds, (the samples are currently a little grainy) otherwise it’s perfect. 💮💮💮

More than 8 bars

Can I get 32 bars of progression please

Great app one issue

I hope it’s not my phone but on the playback it like vibrates my speakers and distorts the sound. When I play regular music out of my speakers this doesn’t happen. Kind of like the volume is clipping or something.

Yes, worth it.

This is an awesome app! I teach music for a living and it's productive and fun to use with students, but great for improvisational practice for myself as well. Is there a way to change the time signature? Maybe in an update? 😬 Phenomenal, still. Practical, user friendly and insightful.


This is a music app that does everything it says.

Best Circle of Fifths App so far

This app is really a nicely done music tool with a great UX. There are a few comments critical of aspects that it lacks to which I would comment give it a chance. The developer appears to be very responsive to suggestions and this is a first cut. We need great tools like this so let’s give them support so they can work on it to continue making improvements. I see a lot of potential for this tool and hope everyone can see this as well and support it. Spread the word. Great job! Looking forward to future versions. Thank you.

Great job

This is a question more than a review. Can I change between 4/4 and 3/4 beats.

A bang for the buck

I almost never write reviews for apps but this one felt like it deserves a praise. The UI is very appealing with neat colors and the makers of this app clearly did their research on user base because it caters to both beginners and professionals. I’ve been a musician for about six years now and a UX designer for three, and this is the first time I’m seeing two of my favorite things blend into one awesome entity. At first even I thought if it’ll be worth spending the money for and now I’ve realized the vast possibilities this app has to offer. Sometimes I get writers block when trying to come up with a piece and cannot really place the next chord in the sequence and also I’ve had hard time getting my head around different modes. This app surprisingly has it all and I’d highly recommend any musician to check it out.

Ideas for new updates

App is pretty good and fun to use. I recommend getting it to anyone who wants a better understanding of progressions. I would hope to see in the future options for saving chord progressions, making chord progressions that are longer than 8 bars, and possibly different instrument sounds. I think these are all relatively easy additions. I would also recommend an option to use chords from the parallel minor or modal interchange. This would be a tremendously better app if it had that. It would be worth way more money. I would even pay in app purchase for it if it worked well. I'd rather see it free but people need money. This app is good and is updated pretty regularly. I'd give it five stars if they manage to bring my suggestions to life. I'm hopeful because these don't seem like they would be incredibly hard to add to the already good UI. I would also like to point out a glitch where if you exit to home screen out of the app while having a chord progression being played it can make a horrible spazz noise. Overall really good app that's actually worth the price I'd buy it again.


Given the name I really thought this app would have more features and customizations, the length of the progression is only 4 or 8 bar and there’s no customization within the bar also I would have hope I could write a progression on c Ionian for example and then in the same progression being able to borrow chords from a different c mode, Dorian for example , but instead when I switch to Dorian mode the progression automatically switch to D Dorian , changes the relationship between the chords, understandable, but it would be useful to have the option to actually be able to mix chords from different modes of the same key.

Make a plugin for audio workstations

I’d love to have this app at my disposal on Ableton! Please think about making a plugin!

Major or 7th chords all or nothing?

I try not to review things before I’ve spent a good amount of time with them, but maybe the developer can help me out - is there no way to set progression mode to a minor key?? It seems like you can only switch from EVERYTHING major key to EVERYTHING 7th chords. Maybe there’s a good music theory-oriented reason for this (I bought this ap relatively ignorant of theory after all), but these seem like really basic things - especially the major/minor key signature aspect. All that said, I’m already enjoying and seeing the potential in the ap as is and fully intend to continue using it.

Great app for musicians

Would love to see a melody section you can play over the chords

Great but needs work

The app is fantastic and the UI is aesthetically pleasing! Except it be great to have the progression keep on playing when I play the song from the music app on the phone. As well as allowing me to exclude certain chords if for example I want to include a rest or sustain a note for one or two measures.

Very cool app

Very good for song writers! Please add more flexibility w the grid.. (I.e. being able to put chords in any part of a bar) This app can be a go to song idea machine for musicians before We record them.. also say I have a chord progression playing, u guys should make it so that when The user switches to scales the user can write a melody also.

Borrowed chords should be included

I love the idea of the app, but I’m somewhat upset it’s restrained to only 7 chords within the key. I’d give it 5 stars if you could borrow chords from different keys or parallel modes.

Good app

Pretty cool app with a really nice interface. Although, I can't figure out if it's possible to add chords to the progression outside of the key. This is a little annoying, however the app is still good overall

Borrowed Chords!!!

The app is fun BUT... I’d love to see an integration of borrowed chords and secondary dominants within a chosen key. Something like setting your key and then being able to shift the circle/mode around without changing the chords you’ve placed in your progression. And the ability to integrate 7ths, 11ths, 13ths, sus2, and sus4 without toggling for every chord.

The best

This app shows the interplay of the scales, modes, and progressions in the circle. It is great for songwriters, music students and theorists. Works well for all instruments; plus works great as a backing track to get down the basics of scales and modes. Also great for improvising basics. A must have for all music students.

Love it

I love this app! So easy to operate

Awesome review

This app is sooo very helpful. Former piano player learning guitar. Usually trying to visualize the circle on my piano while playing my guitar! Now trying to learn the relationships of the l, IV, V and full circle on guitar not referring to piano. This makes it so easy to practice. Wonderful. Thx.

Great tool, great design

Elegantly designed and easy to use. There’s a wealth of information and utility here. Nice little touches like the next chord in the sequence flickering before it plays. A few small translation quirks in English, but no doubt they’ll get smoothed out in future updates.


This app is beautiful, simple, and is already helping me come up with chord progressions to write music. Thank you so much!

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